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Scientific Corner

Dear Sport Friends of UESpT

With the launch of the new UESpT website, we would like to invite you to contribute to the Scientific Corner with scientific applied studies, advices, proposals, creative management and implementation of Sport for all activities, etc… that could be useful for the participants and the involvers to Sport for All Events


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Scientific Cooperation  of

Gamification in Adventure and Wilderness Sports: A literature review of game-based mechanic’s ability to increase attraction, engagement, and retention in outdoor sports

By U.S. Sports Academy in Commentary, Sport Education, Sports Coaching May 13, 2016

Authors: Christopher P. Johnson*

This article is intended to provide adventure and wilderness sport coaches with a comprehensive overview of existing research introducing gamification techniques also known as game theory or game-based mechanics that are gaining popularity in fields such as business, marketing, education, and the military for use in employee, customer, and student attraction, engagement, and retention to the world of adventure and wilderness sports coaching. A broad range of existing literature related to gamification was compiled, examined, analyzed, and disseminated. The examined research findings suggest that gamification methods are effective for acquiring, engaging, and retaining individuals towards improved athletic performance.

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Category :    Training and Couching