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Between the members who agree with the present statute an international body is set up, Union Européene Sport pour Tous (Acronym UESpT).

UESpT is the F.I.S.p.T Continental Union for Europe.

Art. 1 Seat

The legal seat and the operative seat are both in the city where the President actually lives.

The seat may be changed but the new seat is to be deliberated in the course of an Extraordinary General Assembly by a 2/3 majority of the members.

Art. 2 Language

The official languages of the UESpT are French and English. If contested or if any disagreements concerning the translations occur the authoritative text shall be in the French text.

The organisers of UESpT is to promote “Sport for All” and “Culture Through Sport” and to establish a link between organizations and individuals interested in its purpose. The organisers of the UESpT meetings may add the language of the Country where the meeting takes place.

Art. 3 Purposes

UESpT is not politically dependant and excludes itself from all religious discussions. It is a non-profit making association pursuing public welfare objectives. Its duration is unlimited. It joins specifically to the principles disclosed in the European Convention on Human Rights and in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.

UESpT is open to all organizations and persons of all countries that want to take part in it.

It is completely non-political and respects all religions and is antiracist.

Art. 4 Mission

The association, non-profit, works on and outside the European Union territories in an homogeneous way, following the aims here mentioned:

a) Promoting, according and with the collaboration of the Institutions of the European Union, initiatives aimed at the formation and the strengthening of the identity of the European citizens, valuing the different cultural identities which characterise the people of the Union;

a) Favouring the development of the education as well as the material, moral, intellectual and spiritual growth of the European citizens in order to promote different educational events and paths in accordance with the age. The access to the events is vouched for all the citizens and in particular for disabled people who could benefit of the educational programmes adapted to the skills of everyone assuring, at the same time, the wider participation at collective level;


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