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A. Each organisation is automatically invited to participate in the UESpT training courses, study trips, congresses, events, etc.

Moreover, each organisation has priority over newcomers to our Federation.

B. Each organisation is invited to collaborate actively on the UESpT programs and activities through participation in one or more committees.

The committees at present are the following: Staff Training, Sport events, Information, Sport and Tourism, Games, P.R., Congress and Research, Senior Sport.

Ordinary members: are natural persons or corporate bodies who have paid the membership fee and who have been admitted by the Board of Directors. Active members of the UESpT may be:

Collective members:

- national, regional or local non-governmental organizations developing “Sport for All” and “Culture Through Sport”, operating in the European Union

- official governmental bodies of countries being legally constituted in charge of the development of “Sport for All” and “Culture Through Sport” in their own countries, regions or municipalities

Individual members:

- individuals interested in the objective of the UESpT

Honorary members: are natural persons or corporate bodies who rendered the UESpT exceptional services. The title of honorary member may be awarded by the General Assembly at the request of the Board of Directors. Those who are given the title of honorary members are entitled to have a consultative voice in the General Assembly. Their admission has to be accepted by the General Assembly with a two-thirds majority of members present.

Membership Fee

The General Assembly at the proposal of the Board of Directors, decides on the membership fee for the different members. The amount of the membership fee is subject to periodical index adjustment depending on the economic situations and has to be decided upon by the Board of Directors.

Only the members who paid the current annual membership fee are eligible to vote.

Loss Membership

UESpT membership expires:

- in the event of resignation, dismissal or non-payment of the membership fee

- if the Board of Directors decides with a 2/3 majority the exclusion of the members;

The member concerned is asked in advance to give full explanation. An appeal can be introduced to the General Assembly.

The members commit themselves to respect the statute of the UESpT and the decisions that are carried out  by the General Assembly and the Board of Directors.

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